Advice for Chicken Owners – COVID-19

Chicken Keeping Advice COVID19

ChickenGuard, the automatic chicken coop door opener manufacturer, issues advice for all chicken owners, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

April, 2020 – With the US Government’s recent decision to extend mandatory social distancing and quarantine through the end of April, there is a huge surge in people interested in housing commercial laying hens to farm eggs at home and who want to keep backyard chickens as pets.

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The recent APPA study highlighted that more than 10 million US homes already keep chickens. The COVID-19 pandemic is seeing this extra boost, as people look to have the opportunity to farm eggs at home. ChickenGuard, manufacturer of it’s automatic chicken coop door, is issuing additional safety advice for fellow chicken owners.

Increase visibility – As the majority of society will be staying in for most of the coming days, it’s a good idea to position your chickens and their coop somewhere that is easily visible from the majority of the household. Any area that is easy to check through a window, but not easily visible to the outside is a prime spot.

Continue to practice good hygiene – Continue to practice good hygiene around poultry. During the springtime, people look to get new chicks, so be cautious. Additionally, stick to a strict hygiene routine. Always wash your hands before and after you interact with your chickens and anything you touch, especially anything your pals may have come in contact with such as the coop, new eggs, feeders, etc.

Collect eggs regularly – Frequent removal of eggs will reduce chances of loss in the case of egg theft. Make sure you wash them with soap and water.

Lock securely – Make sure to use padlocks to secure and lock up your hens in for the night. If you are concerned about being present to let them out in the morning, contemplate using ChickenGuard’s automatic coop door opener. Assure the chicken run is securely locked to keep your birds safe. Furthermore, consider the use of motion sensor lighting. Motion detection lights switch on when they detect any motion near the coop, deterring any potential thieves. Additional functionality with certain light systems also allow sending alerts when the lights are activated.

ChickenGuard is currently operating as usual, while taking every possible precaution to ensure the health and wellbeing of its staff and their immediate families. The company’s office and website are continuing to run without interruption, so if you have any inquiries or questions, please contact via the ChickenGuard website.

For further tips on chicken safety during the current COVID-19 outbreak, keep an eye on ChickenGuard’s blog for regular updates.

As well as following standard chicken welfare practices and taking the usual precautions against predators, it’s important for chicken owners to take extra steps in order to keep their birds secure, particularly at night and in the events that they have to leave the house.

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